A Dataset is a folder in the CyVerse data store; whether in the user’s personal directory, or in the community iplant/home/shared/ folder, or in the public data commons.

Viewing data#

To view datasets, navigate to the Datasets tab from the home view. This will present a page with three (3) tabs:

  • Yours: your own personal datasets

  • Shared: datasets other users have shared with you

  • Sharing: datasets you’re sharing with other users

../../_images/personal_data.pngExpand folder

To expand a folder in the data tree, click the caret button on the right side of the frame.

../../_images/expand_data.pngExpand folder

Downloading data#

To download a file from the CyVerse data store, click the download button on the right side of the menu.

../../_images/download_data.pngDownload file

The data tree will disable itself while the file downloads.

../../_images/downloading_data.pngDownload file

Finally a download popup will appear.

Sharing data#

To share a folder with another user, select the share button on the right side of the menu, then select one or more users to share the folder with.

../../_images/share_data.pngShare folder

After sharing a folder, the receiving user will be able to access it under their Shared datasets tab.

Deleting data#

To delete a personal file or folder in the data store, select the red delete button on the right side of the menu.

../../_images/delete_data.pngDelete data